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รหัส : 9780808923626
ยี่ห้อ : Elsevier-Saunders-Churchil Livingstone
รุ่น : Dorland's Illustrated Medicine Dictionary
ราคาปกติ :  1,400.00      
ราคาพิเศษ :  1,350.00
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Dorland's Illustrated Medicine Dictionary
Barcode 9780808923626
Authors : Dorland 31ED
YTD PUB : 2007
Elsevier/PP 2170/Hard Cover

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Medicine is ever changing, and its terminology evolves constantly. If you're involved in health care in any way, you need to know the latest medical terms and what they mean. That's why you need Dorland's! The world's most trusted source on the language of medicine for over 100 years, it delivers more entries and better definitions than any other medical dictionary – so you can master more of the current terminology that you need to know. A wealth of illustrations and a remarkably user-friendly format make reference a snap. Plus, bonus software on CD-ROM lets you load key terms and definitions onto your PDA – spell medical terms correctly using spell-checker software – and listen to audio pronunciations for 35,000 terms. And, free access to lets you consult the dictionary online anytime, anywhere. Turn to Dorland's – you'll be amazed at how much vital information you can glean with so much ease!


Find any medical term you need to know! Over 120,000 entries - more than any other medical dictionary provides - include the latest drugs as well as extensive coverage of complimentary and alternative medicine.

Know exactly what each term means with definitions that are the richest, most accurate available.

Understand concepts visually by viewing more than 1500 extremely helpful illustrations, many in full color.

Find answers faster thanks to the most user-friendly format of any medical dictionary.

Take your word power even farther with the bonus CD-ROM! You can load the most essential medical terms and definitions onto your PDA ... spell medical terms correctly by installing the medical spell-checker software onto your computer ... and hear how words are pronounced by listening to audio recordings for over 35,000 terms.

Look up any medical term online, anywhere you go, by visiting ... grow your vocabulary with the Dorland's Word of the Day ... and much more!

Table of Contents:



Reference & Dictionary & Encyclopedia
Pre-Ent-Test to Medical Faculty
Science & Allied Health
Clinical Medicine
Digitalbook Reader

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