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First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Boards  
รหัส : 9780071496179
ยี่ห้อ : mcgraw-hill
รุ่น : Barbara Blok, Dickson Cheung, Timothy Fortescue Platts-Mills
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A resident-to-resident "insider's guide" for success on the Emergency Medicine written board and in-service exams

April 10, 2009/Paperback, 1008 pages
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First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Boards

First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Boards presents time-strapped emergency medicine residents (taking annual in-training exams or the end of residency board certification exam) and practitioners (renewing their certification) with a concise resource presenting quick, frequently tested, high-yield facts based on the most recently administered in-service and board exams. It is a complete review of emergency medicine topics tested on the written board exam. Approximately 125 clinical images and algorithms enhance the text. Margin notes reinforce key points. A chapter on preparing for the emergency medicine board exam provides helpful advice on scheduling study time, how to register for the exam, and what to expect on exam day.


Table of contents

First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Boards
1. Introduction
2. Cardiovascular Emergencies
3. Major Trauma
4. Orthopedics
5. Pediatrics
6. Toxicology
7. Endocrine, Metabolic, and Fluid and Electrolyte Emergencies
8. Infectious, Allergic, Hematologic, and Oncologic Emergencies
9. Thoracic and Respiratory Emergencies
10. Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Emergencies
11. Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
12. Environmental Emergencies
13. Head, Ear, Eye, Nose, Throat and Dental Emergencies
14. Neurologic and Psychiatric Emergencies
15. Dermatologic Emergencies
16. Renal and Urogenital Emergencies
17. Procedures and Skills - including airway management, vascular access, and conscious sedation
18. EMS / Disaster Medicine / ED Administration
19. Ethics / Legal Aspects of Emergency Medicine


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Clinical Medicine
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