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Elements of Audiology : A Learning Aid with Case Studies 1st edtions  
รหัส : 9780205486960
ยี่ห้อ : Pearson
รุ่น : 1st Edtions
ราคาปกติ :  980.00      
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Elements of Audiology:A Learning Aid with Case Studies
ISBN 9780205486960
Author : Frederick N. Martin/John Greer Clark
Copygight:1ed©2006» Softcover»256 pages.
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 Description :

This review manual uses illustrative case histories and review-and-question style to give students feedback on their level of understanding about audiology before they enter the examination process.

 Designed to accompany any audiology textbook or set of lecture notes, this text gives students a brief overview of twenty different topics in audiology, followed by a series of questions with answers. It employs different learning strategies such as matching, labeling, and outlining. Solving a series of case studies with the audiometric and historical information provided helps students access higher levels of learning.

» Provides a brief overview of each topic so students can easily review material from each unit.

» Features eighteen case studies that offer practical experience in interpreting patient histories and audiometric findings.

» Offers instant feedback on organization of information through matching exercises.

» Facilitates comprehension with multiple-choice questions.

Table of Contents :


I. Review Units.

Unit 1.   Audiological Management

Unit 2.   Auditory Nervous System

Unit 3.   Basics of Auditory Anatomy and Hearing Loss

Unit 4.   Bone Conduction

Unit 5.   Educating Children with Hearing Loss

Unit 6.   Hearing Instruments and Assistive Listening Devices

Unit 7.   Hearing Test for Children

Unit 8.   The Inner Ear

Unit 9.   Masking for Pure-Tone Tests

Unit 10. Masking for Speech Tests

Unit 11. The Middle Ear

Unit 12. Nonorganic Hearing Loss

Unit 13. Noise

Unit 14. Objective Tests of Hearing

Unit 15. The Outer Ear

Unit 16. Physics of Sound

Unit 17. Professional Considerations

Unit 18. Pure-Tone Audiometry

Unit 19. Speech Audiometry

Unit 20. Tuning Fork Tests

II. Case Studies      

*Disorders Described in Case Studies Include Acoustic Neuroma, Brainstem Lesion, Central Auditory Lesion, Collapsed Ear Canal, Congenital Hearing Loss, Ménière Disease, Meningitis, Noise-induced Hearing Loss, Nonorganic Hearing Loss (Bilateral and Unilateral), Obscure Auditory Dysfunction, Otitis Media, Otosclerosis, Presbycusis, and Serous Effusion.


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