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The Eye's Aqueous Humor, Volume 62 icon  
รหัส : 9780123738943
ยี่ห้อ : Dale Benos Sidney Simon
รุ่น : 2/2008
ราคาปกติ :  7,030.00      
ราคาพิเศษ :  6,730.00
รายละเอียดย่อ :
The Eye's Aqueous Humor, Volume 62
Serial Editors : Dale Benos Sidney Simon
Serial Volume Editors : Mortimer Civan
Hardcover ISBN : 9780123738943
Edition : 2/2008
Imprint : Academic Press / Page Count: 512 p.
รายละเอียดทั้งหมด :


      Current Topics in Membranes provides a systematic, comprehensive, and rigorous approach to specific topics relevant to the study of cellular membranes. Each volume is a guest edited compendium of membrane biology.

Key Features :

Guest edited by cell membrane experts Dynamic and thorough coverage of all aspects of the aqueous humor from inflow to outflow Provides the latest teachings on genomics and glaucoma Highlights new therapeutic strategies for the control of intraocular pressure

Table of contents :

Chapter 1: Ion Transport Mortimer M. Civan

Chapter 2. Ocular Aquaporins and Aqueous Humor Dynamics

Chapter 3. The Role of Gap Junction Channels in the Ciliary

    Body Secretory Epithelium

Chapter 4: Regional Dependence of Inflow

Chapter 5. Functional Modulators Linking Inflow with Outflow

               of Aqueous Humor

Chapter 6. Aqueous Humor Outflow Resistance

Chapter 7. Aqueous Humor Dynamics I:

Chapter 8. Aqueous Humor Dynamics II:

Chapter 9. Effects of Circulatory Events on Aqueous Humor

               Inflow and Intraocular Pressure

Chapter 10. Retinal Ganglion Cells and Glaucoma: Traditional

                Patterns and New Possibilities

Chapter 11. What is Functional Genomics teaching us about

                 Intraocular Pressure Regulation and Glaucoma?

Chapter 12. Molecular Approaches to Glaucoma

Chapter 13. Outflow Signaling Mechanisms

                 and New Therapeutic Strategies



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