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Emergency Radiology Case Studies 2007  
รหัส : 9780071409179
ยี่ห้อ : mcgraw-hill
รุ่น : David T. Schwartz
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Effectively and confidently interpret even the most challenging radiographic study

Emergency Radiology: Case Studies is a one-of-a-kind text specifically designed to help you fine-tune your emergency radiographic interpretation and problem-solving skills. Illustrated with hundreds of high-resolution images, this reference covers the full range of clinical problems in which radiographic studies play a key role. Dr. David Schwartz, a leading educator, takes you step-by-step through the radiographic analysis of medical, surgical, and traumatic disorders, giving you an unparalleled review of the use and interpretation of radiographic studies in emergency diagnosis.
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Emergency Radiology Case Studies 2007

November 5, 2007


  • 55 cases studies that highlight challenging areas in emergency diagnosis, including imaging studies with subtle, equivocal, or potentially misleading findings
  • Detailed coverage of the broad spectrum of disorders for which radiographs are utilized in emergency practice
  • Coverage of chest and abdominal radiology, the extremities, cervical spine and facial radiology, and head CT
  • Cohesive template for each chapter, beginning with a case presentation, followed by a comprehensive discussion of the disorder under consideration
  • Sections begin with an overview of the pertinent radiographic technique, anatomy, and method of radiographic interpretation
  • Diagnosis-accelerating radiographs, ultrasound images, CT scans, and MR images

Invaluable “pearls and pitfalls” of radiographic interpretation


Table of contents

Section I – Introduction to Chest Radiology
1. Typical lobar pneumonia
2. Subtle pneumonia—silhouette signs
3. Hidden pneumonia and pneumonia mimics
4. Pulmonary embolism
5. Lobar atelectasis—spinal cord compression
6. Hilar adenopathy
7. Congestive heart failure—interstitial lung markings
8. Cardiac tamponade
9. Pneumothorax
10. Pneumomediastinum
11. Traumatic aortic injury
12. Aortic dissection
13. Thoracic aortic aneurysm
14. White-out of thorax
Section II – Introduction to Abdominal Radiology
1. Small bowel obstruction
2. Large bowel obstruction
3. Pneumoperitoneum
4. Intussusception (pediatric)
5. Cholecystitis
6. Gallstone ileus
7. Jaundice, splenomegaly
8. Radiopaque masses
Section III – Introduction to Skeletal Radiology – Upper Extremity
1. Elbow fat pad
2. Elbow injuries in children
3. Perilunate injuries
4. Subtle wrist injuries
5. Distal radius fractures
6. Posterior shoulder dislocation
7. Anterior shoulder dislocation and fracture
8. Nontraumatic shoulder pain
Section IV – Lower Extremity
1. Ankle fractures
2. Maisonneuve fracture
3. Knee fractures
4. Hip fractures—occult hip fracture
5. Acetabulum fractures
6. Pelvic ring fractures
7. Radiolucent foreign bodies
Section V – Introduction to Cervical Spine Radiology
1. Type II odontoid fracture—prevertebral soft tissues
2. Type III odontoid fracture—the ring of C2
3. Hangman's fracture of C2—posterior cervical line
4. Jefferson burst fracture of C1—predental space
5. Unilateral facet dislocation
6. Hyperflexion sprain—flexion/extension views, degenerative changes
Section VI – Introduction to Head CT
1. Subdural hematoma—CT windows
2. Basilar skull fracture, pneumocephalus
3. How to read a head CT in a patient with head trauma
4. Subarachnoid hemorrhage
5. Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
6. How to read a head CT in a patient with headache
7. Hydrocephalus—use of CT before LP
8. Acoustic neuroma—use of intravenous contrast
9. Stroke—cytotoxic edema
10. Peritumoral (vasogenic) edema
11. Advances in stroke imaging—perfusion CT and MRI, the ischemic penumbra
Section VII – Introduction to Facial Radiology
1. Tripod and blow-out fractures
2. Le Fort fractures



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