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Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series: Photodynamic Therapy, 2nd Editionicon  
รหัส : 9781416042112
ยี่ห้อ : Elsevier-Saunders
รุ่น : Mitchel P. Goldman
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176 pages 274 ills
Trim size 10 7/16 X 7 11/16 in
Copyright 2008
Hardcover, Reference
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Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series: Photodynamic Therapy, 2nd Edition


This title in the PROCEDURES IN COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY SERIES presents up-to-the-minute, practical guidance on the hottest photodynamic therapy techniques shaping today's practice. Succinctly written and lavishly illustrated, it focuses on procedural how-to's and offer step-by-step advice on proper techniques, pitfalls, and tricks of the trade—so you can refine and hone your skills...and expand your surgical repertoire. You'll find current, to-the-point guidance on the cosmetic use of PDT—edited by a pioneer in the field, Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman. Implement the newest procedures into your practice immediately and confidently—with the outstanding guidance you'll find in this volume of the PROCEDURES IN COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY SERIES.


"Having this issue in one's library will provide a unique opportunity to possess a collection of "pearls" from the experts on PDT. In the day when lasers and light sources are becoming the future direction of procedural dermatology, one might say that not having this issue puts the dermatologist at a disadvantage." — Clinics in Dermatology

Key Features


  • Get the best results when performing PDT for skin diseases, skin cancer and HPV, and skin rejuvenation, especially in aging and sun-damaged skin —all in one concise, accessible volume.
  • Visualize techniques clearly with a wealth of color illustrations and photographs that depict cases as they appear in practice.
  • Know the costs for each light source, and get recommendations from the experts on which light source is best for your practice.
  • Ensure the safety of your clients with post-photodynamic therapy care information sheets for patients.
New to this Edition

Implement the latest techniques for topical PDT for acne * photorejuvenation * fluorescence diagnosis * and medical uses of PDT.

Table of Contents

1. Mechanism of Action of Topical PDT, Brian D. Zelickson MD
2. Treatment of Acne with Systemic PDT, Yoshiyasu Itoh MD
3. Treatment of Acne with Topical PDT, Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas MD
4. Treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa and other Difficult to Treat Conditions, Michael H. Gold MD
5. Treatment of Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Dore Gilbert MD
6. Treatment of Skin Cancer Precursors, Allan Sari M. Fien MD, James Ralston MD, Joyce B. Farah MD, Nathalie C. Zeitouni MD, Allan R. Oseroff MD 7. Treatment of Skin Cancer, Med Rolf-Markus Szeimies MD and Sigrid Karrer MD
8. Treatment of Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome, Danny Touma MD
9. Treatment of HPV and Viral Related Conditions, Ida Marie Stender MD
10. Treatment of Vascular Malformation and Psoriasis, Kristen M. Kelley MD and J. Stuart Nelson MD
11. Treatment as a Prevention for Skin Cancer, Robert Bissonnette MD
12. Photorejuvenation with Methyl ALA, Ricardo Ruiz-Rodriguez MD
13. Skin Rejuvenation with ALA, Mitchel P. Goldman MD and Pavan Nootheti MD
14. Treatment of Vascular Lesions with PDT, Zhou Gouyu MD
15. Clinical Application of Fluorescence Diagnosis, Med Wolfgang Bäumler MD


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