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Dermatology e-dition, 2nd Edition - Text with Continually Updated Online Reference, 2-Volume Seticon  
รหัส : 9781416032694
ยี่ห้อ : Elsevier-Mosby
รุ่น : Jean L. Bolognia, and Joseph L. Jorizzo
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ราคาพิเศษ :  21,000.00
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2432 pages 3850 ills
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Copyright 2008
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Dermatology e-dition, 2nd Edition - Text with Continually Updated Online Reference, 2-Volume Set

This definitive reference provides easy access to essential and authoritative clinical guidance on the full range of dermatologic entities encountered in today's practice. It delivers more comprehensive coverage of clinical adult and pediatric dermatology, drug therapy, dermatologic surgery, and pathology than you will find in any other single text. The 2-volume set provides practical, in-depth coverage...helpful illustrations, algorithms and schematics...and clinically oriented after page...enabling you to arrive at confident diagnoses, while the online component allows you to search the complete contents of the printed text, download any of the entire collection of photos, illustrations, schematics and algorithms, as well as receive regular updates on important new clinical developments.


The two volume reference is heavy enough to practice weight lifting, but the information contained is worth its weight in gold. Basic sciences are integrated into all sections and key histological findings are demonstrated with photomicrographs, which is likely to be mandatory reading for any student writing the basic sciences exam. A great innovation is the use of colour coding of the chapters for easy reference. Volume one covers basic sciences and most of the clinical dermatology seen in most practices. Volume two includes the remaining clinical entities. The content of the book is accurate and up-to-date with relevant pictures of high quality and most chapters are easy to understand. If you are planning to buy one book this, I can highly recommend this set of textbooks. As a standard reference, for clinical use or as an on-line reference work, it is unlikely that you will get more enjoyment and better value for money. Sadr, UK, 2008 New to this Edition

Table of Contents

Section One: Overview of Basic Science
1. Introduction to Basic Science 2. Anatomy & Physiology 3. Embryology 4. Molecular Biology 5. Immunology
Section Two: Pruritus
6. Cutaneous Neurophysiology 7. Pruritus & Dysesthesia 8. Psychocutaneous Diseases
Section Three: Papulosquamous and eczematous dermatoses
9. Psoriasis 10. Other Papulosquamous Disorders 11. Erythroderma 12. Lichen Planus & Lichenoid Dermatoses 13. Atopic Dermatitis 14. Other Eczematous Eruptions 15. Allergic Contact Dermatitis 16. Irritant Contact Dermatitis 17. Occupational Dermatoses 18. Dermatoses Due to Plants
Section Four: Urticarias, erythemas and purpuras
19. Urticaria & Angioedema 20. Figurate Erythemas 21. Erythema multiforme, Steven-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis 22. Drug Reactions 23. Purpura: Mechanisms and Differential Diagnosis 24. Cutaneous Manifestations of Microvascular Occlusion Syndromes 25. Cutaneous Vasculitis 26. Eosinophilic Dermatoses 27. Neutrophilic Dermatoses 28. Pregnancy Dermatoses
Section Five: Vesiculobullous diseases
29. The Biology of the Basement Membrane Zone 30. Pemphigus 31. Pemphigoid Group 32. Dermatitis Herpetiformis & Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis 33. Epidermolysis Bullosa 34. Other Vesiculobullous Diseases 35. Vesiculobullous & Erosive Diseases in the Newborn
Section Six: Adnexal diseases
36. Structure & Function of Eccrine, Apocrine, Apoeccrine & Sebaceous Glands 37. Acne vulgaris 38. Rosacea & Related Disorders 39. Folliculitis & the Follicular Occulsion Tetrad 40. Diseases of the Eccrine Sweat Glands
Section Seven: Rheumatologic dermatology
41. Autoantibodies Encountered in Patients with Autoimmune Connective Tissue Diseases 42. Lupus Erythematosus 43. Dermatomyositis 44. Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma) and Related Disorders 45. Other Rheumatologic Diseases
Section Eight: Metabolic and systemic disease
46. Mucinoses 47. Amyloidosis 48. Deposition Diseases 49. Porphyria 50. Calcifying & Ossifying Disorders of the Skin 51. Nutritional Diseases 52. Dermatologic Manifestations in Patients with Systemic Disease
Section Nine: Genodermatoses
53. Basic Principles of Genetics 54. Genetic Basis of Cutaneous Diseases 55. Biology of Keratinocytes 56. Ichthyoses, Erythrokeratodermas & Related Disorders 57. Keratodermas 58. Darier Disease & Hailey-Hailey Disease 59. Primary Immunodeficiencies 60. Neurofibromatosis & Tuberous Sclerosis 61. Mosaicism & Linear Lesions 62a. Other Genodermatoses - Tumorigenesis 62b. Other Genodermatoses - Enzyme Deficiency Diseases 62c. Other Genodermatoses - Premature Aging Syndromes and Poikilodermas 62d. Other Genodermatoses - Ectodermal Dysplasias 63. Developmental Anomalies
Section Ten: Pigmentary disorders
64. Melanocyte Biology 65. Vitiligo & Other Disorders of Hypopigmentation 66. Disorders of Hyperpigmentation
Section Eleven: Hair, nails and mucous membranes
67. Biology of Hair & Nails 68. Alopecias 69. Hypertrichosis & Hirsutism 70. Nail Disorders 71. Oral Disease 72. Anogenital (Non-venereal) Disease
Section Twelve: Infections, infestations and bites
73. Bacterial Diseases 74. Myobacterial Infections 75. Rickettsial Diseases 76. Fungal Diseases 77. Cutaneous Manifestations of HIV Infection & HIV-related Disorders 78. Human Papillomavirus 79. Human Herpesviruses 80. Other Viral Diseases 81. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 82. Protozoa & Worms 83. Infestations 84. Bites & Stings
Section Thirteen: Disorders due to physical agents
85. Ultraviolet Light 86. Photodermatoses 87. Environmental & Sports-related Skin Diseases 88. Signs of Drug Abuse 89. Skin Signs of Abuse
Section Fourteen: Disorders of Langerhans cells and macrophages
90. Histiocytoses 91. Xanthomas 92. Non-infectious Granulomas 93. Foreign Body Reactions
Section Fifteen: Atrophies and disorders of dermal connective tissues
94. Biology of the Extracellular Matrix 95. Perforating Diseases 96. Morphea & Lichen Sclerosus 97. Heritable Disorders of Connective Tissue - Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum & Cutis Laxa 98. Dermal Hypertrophies 99. Atrophies of Connective Tissue
Section Sixteen: Disorders of subcutaneous fat
100. Panniculitis 101. Lipodystrophies
Section Seventeen: Vascular disorders
102. Vascular Biology 103. Infantile Hemangiomas 104. Vascular Malformations 105. Ulcers 106. Other Vascular Disorders
Section Eighteen: Neoplasms of the skin
107. Principles of Tumor Biology and Pathogenesis of BCCs and SCCs 108. Actinic Keratosis, Basal Cell Carcinoma & Squamous Cell Carcinoma 109. Benign Epidermal Tumors & Proliferations 110. Cysts 111. Adnexal Neoplasms 112. Benign Melanocytic Neoplasms 113. Melanoma 114. Vascular Neoplasms & Neoplastic-like Proliferations 115. Neural & Neuroendocrine Neoplasms (Other than Neurofibromatosis) 116. Fibrous and Fibrohistiocytic Proliferations of the Skin & Tendons 117. Muscle, Adipose & Cartilage Neoplasms 118. Mastocytosis 119. B-cell Lymphomas of the Skin 120. Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma 121. Other Lymphoproliferative & Myeloproliferative Diseases 122. Cutaneous Metastases
Section Nineteen: Medical therapy
123. Public Health Science in Dermatology 124. Skin Barrier, Percutaneous Drug Delivery & Pharmacokinetics 125. Glucocorticosteroids 126. Retinoids 127. Antimicrobial Drugs 128. Immunomodulators 129. Other Topical Medications 130. Other Systemic Drugs 131. Drug Interactions 132. Sunscreens 133. Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Section Twenty: Physical treatment modalities
134. Ultraviolet Light Therapy 135. Photodynamic Therapy 136. Principles of Laser-Skin Interactions 137. Laser Therapy 138. Cryosurgery 139. Radiotherapy 140. Electrosurgery
Section Twenty-one: Surgery
141. Wound Healing 142. Surgical Anatomy of the Head & Neck 143. Anesthesia 144. Wound Closure & Materials & Instruments 145. Dressings 146. Biopsy Techniques & Basic Excisions 147. Flaps 148. Grafts 149. Nail Surgery 150. Mohs Surgery 151. Surgical Complications & Optimizing Outcomes
Section Twenty-two: Cosmetic Surgery
152. Systematic Evaluation of the Aging Face 153. Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals 154. Chemical & Mechanical Skin Resurfacing 155. Sclerotherapy & Ambulatory Phlebectomy 156. Liposuction 157. Hair Restoration 158. Soft Tissue Augmentation 159. Botulinum Toxin






Key Features


  • Presents more "high-yield" information in restructured chapters, as well as expanded coverage of rarities - now displayed in table format - without increasing the extent of the book.
  • Includes additional images covering more conditions, for enhanced reference power.
  • Discusses pathologic entities in proportion to their incidence, enabling you to focus on the likeliest diagnoses for a given set of symptoms.
  • Presents only the "need-to-know" basic science information and key references, so you have just the right amount of detail on every subject.
  • Presents hundreds of full-color photographs depicting every type of skin disorder, along with a wealth of diagrams that clarify complex concepts and numerous algorithms that expedite decision making. .
  • Allows you to consult the traditional printed reference, and access the complete contents online, fully searchable, with regular updates on important new clinical developments
  • systemic drug questionnaires
  • specialty news
  • downloadable illustrations
  • and more.


  • Save time putting together your next lecture or preparing for a hospital consult. Go online and quickly search the entire image collection and download any of the pictures, illustrations, algorithms or schematics from the book right onto your own computer!
  • Save frustration when searching for specific topics, whether in the book or online. All of the chapters are standardized so you can get the solutions to your problems quickly and easily


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