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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicineicon  
รหัส : 9780198568377 (9780199235131)
ยี่ห้อ : Oxford University Press
รุ่น : Longmore, Murray; Wilkinson, Ian B.; Turmezei, Tom; Cheung, Chee Kay
ราคาปกติ :  1,497.00      
ราคาพิเศษ :  1,348.00
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892 pages
Numerous colour and black and white illustrations,numerous halftones and colour photographs, 180x100 mm
ISBN: 978-0-19-856837-7
Publication date: 4 January 2007
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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

  • 'If you buy one book in medical school, make it the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine.' - Oxford Medical School Gazette
  • '...only stethoscopes and hand gel match its ubiquity in hospital...[it] remains a medical classic. It moves with the ever-changing landscape of medicine, reminding us why we are all here, what we have learnt, and how much further we have to go. It is, in short, a guiding star.' - BMJ
  • 'The seventh edition and 21st birthday says it all.' - BMA Medical Book Competition 2007
  • 'A new edition of a classic has hit the bookshelves...[and] it doesn't appear to have lost any of its magic - dare I say it may have become even better...This handbook is still packed with facts and brilliantly laid out, making it one of the best quick reference texts around...The authors have clearly not rested on their laurels - the many improvements keep this medical student favourite on the 'essential' list, and give it that competitive edge to maintain its prime position in the medical student pocket.' - GKT Gazette

  • The world's bestselling pocket medical handbook - the only choice for junior doctors and medical students
  • Brand new design with full colour illustrations integrated throughout for the first time
  • Much loved both for its top-quality clinical information, and for the wisdom that comes only from experience
  • Revised, updated and improved throughout, with new junior authors to keep the content relevant
  • Includes the 2006 Resuscitation Council guidelines
New to this edition
  • Brand new design with integrated full-colour pictures on common problems such as rashes, scars and jaundice
  • Includes a new chapter on radiology
  • Covers new information on consent and how to handle common calls
  • Greater coverage on medications and doses, clinical skills and surgery
  • Three new junior co-authors on board to ensure that it is written at the right level for the market
In the early 1980s, two junior doctors from Oxford noted down all the medical information they found valuable to keep. As medical students they learned most not from organised lecturers but from clinical sessions - on the ward and in clinic. Useful notes were written on scraps of paper, and it was from this that the original Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine was born.

No other book has entered the hearts, minds and pockets of so many doctors and medical students the world over. Now in its 7th edition, the main features and essence of the original edition remain unchanged. Developed over 21 years, the Handbook encompasses the experience, knowledge and wisdom of more than 10 different authors. With its characteristic combination of incisive guidance, wit, a lucid style, and memorable epigrams, it continues to be the leading pocket reference of clinical medicine.

The 7th edition is fully equipped for the modern doctor with a brand new design with integrated full-colour pictures on common problems such as rashes, scars and jaundice. There is a new chapter on radiology, new information on consent and how to handle common calls, and greater coverage of medications and doses, clinical skills and surgery. There are also numerous other updates and improvements throughout, many suggested by extensive market research and reader's feedback. Three new junior co-authors have been brought on board to ensure that the content reflects what readers really need. All in all, the latest Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is just what the doctor ordered.

Readership: Clinical medical students, junior doctors, general practitioners and nurses. A wide range of other medical and allied health personnel.

1. Thinking about medicine
2. Clinical skills
3. Signs and symptoms
4. Cardiovascular medicine
5. Chest medicine
6. Endocrinology
7. Gastroenterology
8. Renal Medicine
9. Haematology
10. Infectious diseases
11. Neurology
12. Oncology and palliative care
13. Rheumatology
14. Surgery
15. Epidemiology
16. Clinical chemistry
17. Eponymous syndromes
18. Radiology
19. Reference intervals
20. Practical procedures
21. Emergencies


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Pre-Ent-Test to Medical Faculty
Science & Allied Health
Clinical Medicine
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