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Nutritional Sciences: From Fundamentals To Food 1st Edition  
รหัส : 9780534537173
ยี่ห้อ : Wadsworth, Inc
รุ่น : Michelle McGuire
ราคาปกติ :  3,200.00      
ราคาพิเศษ :  2,880.00
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Nutritional Sciences: From Fundamentals To Food 1st Edition.
ISBN 9780534537173
Author : Michelle McGuire
Copyright : 1ed2006
Format : Hardcover » 610 pages.
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Descriptions :

NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES: FROM FUNDAMENTALS TO FOOD presents the basics of nutrition with unique coverage of the fundamental science underlying it, including its foundation in anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. It is organized and written in a clear narrative style, with a linear format that builds concepts, engages students, and promotes a more thorough understanding. It is comprehensive in its coverage, including the most current information, and also unique in its brevity, making it easier to cover the material in a semester or quarter's time. From its emphasis on the fundamental science to the impressive integrated visual and media, relevant and supportive pedagogical features, and extensive supplemental resources (i.e. Diet Analysis+ 8.0, PowerPoint, and JoinIn™ on TurningPoint), this text is a fresh presentation of nutrition concepts that instructors and students will praise.

Table of content :

1. The Science of Nutrition.

2. Assessing Nutritional Status and Guidelines For Dietary Planning.

3. Chemical And Biological Aspects Of Nutrition.

4. Nutritional Physiology: Digestion, Absorption, Circulation and Excretion.

5. Carbohydrates.

  • Nutrition Matters: Impaired Glucose Regulation and Diabetes.

6. Protein.

  • Nutrition Matters: Food Safety and Foodborne Illness.

7. The Lipids

  • Nutrition Matters: Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease.

8. Energy Metabolism.

  • Nutrition Matters: Sports Nutrition.

9. Energy Balance and Body Weight Regulation.

  • Nutrition Matters: Disordered Eating And Eating Disorders.

10. Water-Soluble Vitamins.

  • Nutrition Matters: Alcohol and Health.

11. Fat-Soluble Vitamins.

  • Nutrition Matters: Nutrition and Cancer.

12. The Trace Minerals.

13. The Major Minerals and Water.

  • Nutrition Matters: Nutrition and Bone Health.

14. Life Cycle Nutrition.

  • Nutrition Matters: Food Insecurity, Hunger and Malnutrition.



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