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Fundamentals of Anaesthesi, 3rd Editionicon  
รหัส : 9780521692496
ยี่ห้อ : Cambridge
รุ่น : Tim Smith, Colin Pinnock, Ted Lin, Robert Jones
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650 line figures
Page extent: 956 pages
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Paperback (ISBN-13: 9780521692496)
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Fundamentals of Anaesthesia


The third edition of Fundamentals of Anaesthesia is the gold standard text for the Primary FRCA, encapsulating the basic principles of modern anaesthesia in one easily accessible volume. Written and edited by a team of expert contributors with extensive FRCA examination experience, Fundamentals of Anaesthesia, Third Edition deliberately blends the expertise of invited authors in an unrivalled consistency of style more akin to that of a single author text. Deliberate use of authors with a more general anaesthesia background ties in well with the education of anaesthetists in their early years. The third edition is fully updated, with a number of completely new chapters. Presentation of information is clear and concise, with extensive use of tables, colour illustrations, summary boxes of key information and bullet lists. This Highly Commended award winning textbook is a unique revision aid for the Primary FRCA and an essential companion for all exam candidates.

• Complete coverage of the Primary FRCA exam syllabus • The FRCA syllabus is included and cross-referred to the relevant content for quick access when revising • New sections of physics


Part I. Clinical Anaesthesia: 1. Pre-operative management; 2. Induction of anaesthesia; 3. Intra-operative management; 4. Postoperative management; 5. Special patient circumstances; 6. The surgical insult; 7. Regional anaesthesia and analgesia; 8. Principles of resuscitation; 9. Major trauma; 10. Clinical anatomy; Part II. Physiology: 11. Cellular physiology; 12. Body fluids; 13. Haematology and immunology; 14. Muscle physiology; 15. Cardiac physiology; 16. Physiology of the circulation; 17. Renal physiology; 18. Respiratory physiology; 19. Physiology of the nervous system; 20. Gastro-intestinal physiology; 21. Metabolism and temperature regulation; 22. Endocrinology; 23. Physiology of pregnancy; 24. Foetal and newborn physiology; 25. Physiology of pain; Part III. Pharmacology: 26. Physical chemistry; 27. Mechanisms of drug action; 28. Pharmacodynamics; 29. Pharmacokinetics; 30. Anaesthetic gases and vapours; 31. Hypnotics and intravenous anaesthetic agents; 32. Analgesic drugs; 33. Neuromuscular blocking agents; 34. Local anaesthetic agents; 35. Central nervous system pharmacology; 36. Autonomic nervous system pharmacology; 37. Cardiovascular pharmacology; 38. Respiratory pharmacology; 39. Endocrine pharmacology; 40. Gastro-intestinal pharmacology; 41. Intravenous fluids; 42. Pharmacology of haemostasis; 43. Antimicrobial therapy; 44. Clinical trials - design and evaluation; Part IV. Physics, Clinical Measurement and Statistics: 45. Applied physics; 46. Clinical measurement; 47. Anaesthetic equipment; 48. Basic statistics.


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