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Anesthesia Unplugged  
รหัส : 9780071458160
ยี่ห้อ : Christopher Gallagher, Ricardo Martinez-Ruiz, David J. Lubarsky
รุ่น : McGraw-Hill
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Anesthesia Unplugged

Sharpen the procedural skills necessary for the optimal care of the anesthetized patient

Table of contents

Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Part I: Intravenous World
1. The Rodney Dangerfield of Lines, the IV. Chris Gallagher and Chadi Dahabra.
2. The Anesthesiologist’s Party Piece, the IJ. Karim Aboueleinin and Brantley Dollar.3. Root Beer Float? No, Floating a Swan. Ricardo Martinez-Ruiz and James Oleksa.
4. The Surgeon’s Bailiwick, the Subclavian. Karim Aboueleinin and Benjamin Yu.
5. The Bastard Step-Child, the Femoral. Craig Nelson and Jennifer Vaughn.

Part II: Arterial Land
6. The Beat to Beat Faucet, the Radial A-line. Roger Marks and Ana Lipska.
7. EEEEK! Do we Dare? The Brachial A-line. Mike Barron and Geoffrey Sanders
8. An Ever-Present Friend in Time of Need, the Femoral. Craig Nelson and Kiley Reynolds.

Part III: Into Thin Air
9. The Mask of Zorro. Mask Ventilation. Chris Gallagher and Fernando Gavia.
10. The Zirconium Jewel of Sort-of-Intubation, the LMA. Mike Lewis and Gauri Joshi.
11. The Vanilla Ice Cream of Intubation, Laryngoscopy. Bryan Robbins and Christian Diez.
12. The Crown Jewel of Intubations, Awake Fiberoptic. Chris Gallagher and Ahmed Zaky.
13.Wiretapping: The Retrograde Wire Intubation. Jong Lee and Rebacca Gilbert.
14.Fix Bayonets, the Surgical Alternative. Richard Silverman and Fani Nhuch.

Part IV: Et tu, Brute? A Stab in the Back
15.Oh Good, CSF! The Spinal. Christina Matadial and Jeffrey Schubert.
16.Oh Damn, CSF! The Epidural. Christina Matadial and Stephanie Katz.
17.Mix and Match, the Combined Spinal-Epidural. Allison Lee and Andres Missair.
18.Mending Fences, the Blood Patch. Allison Lee and Any Gruen.
19.Oh, the Little Darlin’s: Kiddie Caudal. Jim Halliday and Ramiro Gumucio.

Part V: Efficiency-Ville
20.Getting a Case Going at a Greater-than-Glacial Pace. Jas Katariya and Samir Kulkarni 196 - 203
21.The Oft-Forgotten Denoument, the Smooth Wake Up. John Sciarra and Codruta Soneru.
22.Roomsmanship. Chris Gallagher and Michael Jarrell.
23.Nasogastric Tube’s Away. Carlos Mijares and Shantanu Srinavasan.
24.Positioning is Everything. Gilbert Chidiac and Marco Foramiglio.
25. Transportation Made Somewhat Less Deadly. David Sinclair and Ricardo Irizarry.

Part VI: The Regional Landscape.
26. Armed and Dangerous, the Arm Block. Howard Palte and Ady Bermudez.
27. Leggo-Land. Howard Palte and Sarah Kafi
28. A Sympathetic Ear and a Sympathetic Block. Emilio Alarcon and David Lindley.
29. Ophthalmic Anesthesia: More than Meets the Eye. Steve Gayer and Vania Fernandez.

Part VII: Treasure Chest.
30. The Lung’s not Down, You Idiot! Lung Isolation. Lebron Cooper and Nicholas Nedeff.
31. Living Better with Electricity: Pacing. Dan Castillo and Neil Anand.
32. Echo, Echo, Echo: Transesophageal Echocardiography. Jay Grossman and Jonathan Katz.

Part VIII: Faking It.
33. Simulators. Chris Gallagher and Christina Rankin.


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