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Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Termsicon   * (สินค้าหมด)
รหัส : 9780070423138
ยี่ห้อ : McGraw-Hill
รุ่น : McGraw-Hill
ราคาปกติ :  8,000.00      
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Hardback, 2380 pages
Edition Number 6
Dimensions8.7 in Width x 2.76 in Thick
Weight1.452 lb
ISBN 007042313X / 9780070423138

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Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms


For more than a quarter of a century, this amazingly comprehensive dictionary has been a standard international reference. Containing more than 115,000 terms and 125,000 definitions--from 100 areas of science and technology--this trusted resource provides definitions written in clear, simple language, understandable to the general reader, yet is consistent with the specialized use of the term.

* Thoroughly revised with 5,000 NEW TERMS
* Each term includes a helpful pronunciation guide
* Entries are complemented by 3,000 illustrations; appendices containing biographic listings, converison tables, taxonomic classification charts, and more
* The only dictionary of scientific and technical terms to be thumb-indexed

Invaluable to scientists, researchers, teachers, students, as well as interested lay persons, the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms is truly the single best way for anyone to gain fluency in the language of science.

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Keeping up with scientific terminology and technological vocabulary, this dictionary has over 105,000 terms, more than 122, 600 definitions, and 3000 plus illustrations. This 2432-page book is an ideal reference for those in the scientific community, the general public, and high school and college students.

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McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th Ed., 2002, 2,380 pages, appendix, illustrated, $150.00, ISBN: 0-07-042313-X

It has been 30 years since the first edition of this encyclopedia was published. Over this span of time, the terminology in science and technology has expanded at a rapid rate, resulting in the addition of some 5,000 new terms in each edition. The sixth edition continues that expansion and now has some 110,000 terms and 125,000 definitions, accompanied by 3,000 black-and-white illustrations. The format continues as in the past, with letter-by-letter alphabetization. Synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations are given within the definition. Pronunciation of each and every term continues to set this dictionary apart from other science and technology dictionaries. It is a large, heavy volume that lies flat when opened. It may be time for the publisher to consider a two-volume work for ease of handling by the patron.

Each entry is classed into one or more of 104 fields, from "Acoustics" to "Zoology," for which abbreviations are inserted in the definitions. These fields have been revised to reflect modern usage with some new ones added, including "Forensic Science" and "Neuroscience." A detailed scope note for each field is included near the front of the dictionary. The 3,000 illustrations are in the outside margin of each page near the appropriate term and are crisp and clear. One change that would be useful in future editions is referring the reader to the appendix when appropriate. Periodic table is defined in the main part of the dictionary but there is no reference to the periodic table in the appendix, which would be missed if one did not browse through the back matter. Among other items in the appendix are information on measurements systems, mathematical signs and symbols, and very brief biographies of Nobel laureates and individuals after whom scientific terms are named.

This continues to be the most comprehensive science and technology dictionary for the student, researcher, and layperson. It is recommended for most libraries.

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Excerpts from review by Svetlana Korolev

This large tome is the latest edition of the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms that has evolved over the past 30 years. The 1st edition was intended for the communities of scientists, engineers, and researchers. This 6th edition supports nonscientists as well. It covers the language of science to include words that have permeated our culture in our endeavor to answer questions about the environment and the world.

Each of the 110,000 terms has a pronunciation guide and the 125,000 definitions include synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations. The chosen pronunciation scheme is thoroughly explained in the preface, showing why all American dialects are not represented. Each entry falls into one of 104 listed fields, the abbreviation of which is included immediately after the item name. The scope of each field is defined, giving the reader needed context and explanation of the publisher's placement of included terms.

This edition also features 3,000 black-and-white illustrations located on the outside margin of the appropriate term. There is a "How to Use this Dictionary" page, as well as a 35-page table of elements, and biographical listings, plus 12 more sections of scientific information.

...This dictionary is an excellent reference tool for most libraries. It is especially recommended for academic and large public libraries.

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The sixth edition expands by about five percent to include new terms and technologies ("genomics," "nanotechnology") and revisions of definitions for older terms. Entries are generally brief but informative, cross-referenced, and include pronunciation. Each entry is identified by field ("climatology," "ecology"). Many entries include multiple definitions for various fields; "inversion," for example, includes definitions from 14 fields. Many illustrations accompany the text, and appendixes provide systems of units and conversion tables, classification of organisms, chemical nomenclature, mathematical notation and constants, and a geological time scale. Biographical sketches of 1,600 noted scientists give dates of birth and death, field(s) of expertise, and notable accomplishments. A standard reference work.

Summing Up: Recommended. All libraries. -- T. McKimmie, New Mexico State University

Biographical note

The McGraw-Hill Editorial Staff, based in New York City, is one of the most skilled, experienced, and respected in the field of publishing.

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