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AIDS Update 2005  
รหัส : 9780805373103
ยี่ห้อ : Gerald J. Stine
รุ่น : 1th/2005
ราคาปกติ :  290.00      
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AIDS Update 2005
Serial : An Annual Overview of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Author : Gerald J. Stine
ISBN-10: 0805373101
ISBN-13: 9780805373103
Edition:1th - ©2005 • Pearson • Paper, 448 p.
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Description :

During the past two decades, more effort and money have been spent on HIV and AIDS research, care, and prevention than on any other disease in history. Despite researchers' hopes that these efforts would lead to the eradication of the disease, AIDS remains one of the central medical and human challenges of our time.

AIDS UPDATE 2005 presents a balanced review of the most current research and information on HIV infection, HIV disease, and AIDS. More importantly, AIDS UPDATE 2005 places this discussion within a biological, medical, and social framework, helping students to more fully understand this devastating pandemic.

This new edition has been extensively revised to present a more coherent, more streamlined discussion for more effective classroom use.

Included with each book is a subscription to Research Navigator™, a web-based research tool that offers articles culled from sources including the New England Journal of Medicine, AIDS Weekly, and The New York Times.

Table of contents :

1.Discovering AIDS, naming the disease

2.What causes AIDS: origin of the AIDS virus

3.Biological characteristics of the AIDS virus

4.Anti-HIV therapy

5.The immunology of HIV disease/AIDS

6.Opportunistic infections and cancers associated

   with HIV disease/AIDS

7.A profile of biological indicators for HIV disease and

   progression to AIDS

8.Epidemiology and transmission of the human

   immunodeficiency virus

9.Preventing the transmission of HIV

10.Prevalence of HIV infections, AIDS cases,

    and deaths among select groups in the United States

    and AIDS in other countries

11.Prevalence of HIV infection and AIDS cases among

    women, children, and teenagers in the United States

12.Testing for human immunodeficiency virus

13.AIDS and society: knowledge, attitudes, and behavior

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