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Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry, 28ed  
รหัส : 9780071638272
ยี่ห้อ : McGraw Hill
ราคาปกติ :  1,150.00      
ราคาพิเศษ :  840.00
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Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry 28/2010 9780071638272,
Paperback : 704 pages
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Desription : 

HARPER'S ILLUSTRATED BIOCHEMISTRY is unmatched in its ability to clarify the link between biochemistry and the molecular basis of health and diseases. The twenty Eight Edition Has undergone sweeping Changes - including a full conversation to full-colour art work and every chapter being substaintially revised and updated - all to reflect the latest advances in knowledge and technology and to make the text as up -to -date and clinically relevant as possible.

Content :

1. Biochemistry and Medicine

2. Water & PH

3. Amino Acids and Peptides

4. Proteins: Determination of Primary Structure

5. Proteins: Higher Orders of Structure

6. Proteins: Myoglobin and Hemoglobin

7. Enzymes: Mechanisms of Action

8. Enzymes: Kinetics

9. Enzymes: Regulation of Activities

10. Bioenergetics: The Role of ATP

11. Biologic Oxidation

12. The Respiratory Chain & Oxidative Phosphorylation

13. Carbohydrates of Physiologic Significance

14. lipids of Physiologic Significance

15. Overview of Metabolism

16. The Citric acid Cycle: The Catabolism of Acetyl-CoA

17. Glycolysis and Oxidation of Pyruvate

18. Metabolism of Glycogen

19. Gluconeogenesis and Control of the Blood Glucose

20. The Pentose Phosphate Pathway & other Pathways of Hexose Metabolism

21. Biosynthesis of Fatty Acids

22. Oxidation of Fatty Acids: Ketogenesis

23. Metabolism of Unsaturated Fatty Acids & Eicosanoids

24. Metabolism of Acyglycerols and Sphingolipids

25. Lipid Transport And Storage

26. Cholesterol Synthesis, Transport and Excretion

27. Integration of Metabolism- the Provision of Metabolic Fuels

28. Biosynthesis of Nutritionally Nonessential Amino Acids

29. Catabolism of Proteins & of Amino Acid Nitrogen

30. Catabolism of the Carbon Skeletons of Amino Acids

31. Conversion of Amino Acids

32. Porphyrins & Bile Pigments

33. Nucleotides

34. Metabolism of Purine & Pyrimidine Nucleotides

35. Nucleic Acid Structure and Function

36. DNA Organization, Replication and Repair

37. RNA Synthesis, Processing and Modifications

38. Protein Synthesis and Genetic Code

39. Regulation of Gene Expression

40. Molecular Genetics, Recombinant DNE and Genomic Technology

41. Membranes: Structure and Function

42. The Diversity of Endocrine System

43. Hormone Action and Signal Transduction

44. Nutrition, Digestion and Absorption

45. Vitamins and Minerals

46. Intracellular Traffic and Sorting of Proteins

47. Glycoprotein

48. The Extracellular Matrix

49. Muscle and the Cytoskeleton

50. Plasma Proteins and Immunoglobulins

51. Homeostasis and Thrombosis

52. The Red and White Blood Cells

53. Metabolism of Xenobiotics

54. The Human Genome Project 


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