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Human Biology, 7/E Ise   * (สินค้าหมด stock)
รหัส : 9780495125587
ยี่ห้อ : Cecie Starr
รุ่น : Cengage Learning, Inc
ราคาปกติ :  1,700.00      
ราคาพิเศษ :  1,395.00
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ISBN : 9780495125587
ISBN-10: 049512558X
Title : Human Biology,7/E Ise
Author : Cecie Starr
Format : Paperback | 592 pages
Publisher : Cengage Learning, Inc
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 Descriptions :

Fine tuned for greater clarity and a more logical flow of ideas, Starr and McMillan's "Human Biology, Seventh Edition" presents core areas of human biology with a focused presentation that is ideal for non-majors. Highlighting biology's relevance, each chapter opens with an Impacts, Issues vignette on a human biology-related issue or research finding in the news, such as the obesity epidemic, vaccinations against bioweapons, and genetic engineering.Within the chapter, students see how basic concepts help them think critically about the issue. In addition, each chapter's How Would You Vote? question invites students to weigh in on a current issue and deepen their understanding through online exercises. Students will find relevant materials cross referenced from chapter to chapter, reinforcing how biological concepts build on one another throughout the book.The text's carefully integrated instructor and student resources - Thomson NOW' and JoinIn' on TurningPoint[registered] - help you assess your students and make learning more interactive.For instructors, the PowerLecture multimedia manager saves time on lecture prep - with one DVD - by integrating all relevant resources in each chapter's Microsoft PowerPoint lecture, so there's no more hassling with multiple media files.

Table of contents :

1. Learning About Human Biology.

2. Molecules of Life.

3. Cells and How They Work.

4. Tissues, Organs Systems, and Homeostasis.

5. The Skeletal System.

6. The Muscular System.

7. Digestion and Nutrition.

8. Blood.

9. Circulation--The Heart and Blood Vessels.

10. Immunity.

11. The Respiratory System.

12. The Urinary System.

13. The Nervous System.

14. Sensory Systems.

15. The Endocrine System.

16. Reproductive Systems.

17. Development and Aging.

18. Life at Risk: Infectious Disease.

19. Cell Reproduction.

20. Observable Patterns of Inheritance.

21. Chromosomes and Human Genetics.

22. DNA, Genes, and Biotechnology.

23. Genes and Disease: Cancer.

24. Principles of Evolution.

25. Ecology and Human Concerns.


I. Concepts in Cell Metabolism.

II. Periodic Table of the Elements.

III. Units of Measure.

IV. Answers to Genetics Problems.

V. Answers to Self-Quizzes.

VI. Key to Critical Thinking Questions.

Glossary of Biological Terms.





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