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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgeryicon  
รหัส : 9780198568254
ยี่ห้อ : Oxford University Press
รุ่น : McLatchie, Greg; Borley, Neil; Chikwe, Joanna
ราคาปกติ :  1,497.00      
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664 pages, 26 b/w line illus.
180x100 mm
ISBN: 978-0-19-856825-4
Publication date: 29 November 2007
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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery


  • '...succeeds as an efficient study companion...perfect for last-minute cramming.' - ICSM Gazette
  • '...provides a succinct surgical guide for junior residents and medical students...the book is a needed addition to the surgical literature.' - Doody's Notes

  • Covers the key topics and presentations that junior doctors and medical students need to know
  • Clearly identifies emergency presentations for rapid reference
  • Sets out investigations and management plans in a clear and easy to follow way
New to this edition
  • Thoroughly revised with a wide range of new topics and presentations
  • Includes core surgical anatomy and physiology for each area
  • Provides a step-by-step guide to common operative surgical techniques with practical hints and procedures
  • Includes new information on emergencies and an increased focus on evidence-based practice
  • New layout and symbols to aid quick reference to topics
Thoroughly revised with a wide range of new topics, presentations, and a new layout to aid quick reference, the new edition of this bestselling Oxford Handbook serves as an accessible pocket reference for junior surgical trainees, medical students, nursing, paramedical and rehabilitation staff.

It covers the assessment and preparation of the patient, anaesthesia and critical care, inflammation, wound healing and infection, and the key components of general surgical practice as well as chapters on other surgical specialties, including plastic, paediatric and orthopaedic surgery. There are step by step descriptions of common operative surgical techniques, practical hints and procedures, and information on signs, symptoms and rarities. Emergency presentations are clearly identified for rapid reference and investigations and management plans are set out in a clear and easy to follow way. Surgically relevant anatomy and physiology is provided for each area, quick reference symbols ensure the reader is guided to key facts and there is an increased focus on evidence-based practice throughout.

A cut above the rest, this is the essential guide to clinical surgery and the surgical specialities.

Readership: Medical students, junior doctors, junior surgical trainees, nursing, paramedical and rehabilitation staff.

1. Good surgical practice
2. Principles of surgery
3. Surgical pathology
4. Practical hints and procedures
5. Head and neck
6. Breast surgery
7. Upper gastrointestinal surgery
8. Liver, pancreatic and biliary surgery
9. Abdominal wall
10. Urology
11. Colorectal surgery
12. Paediatric surgery
13. Trauma
14. Orthopaedics and trauma
15. Plastic surgery
16. Cardiothoracic surgery
17. Peripheral vascular disease
18. Transplantation
19. Surgery in tropical diseases
20. Eponymous signs, syndromes and rarities


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