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Neurological Examination Made Easy, 4/E  
รหัส : 9780443069468
ยี่ห้อ : Elsevier
รุ่น : Geraint Fuller
ราคาปกติ :  890.00      
รายละเอียดย่อ :
Neurological Examination Made Easy, 4/E Ie
ISBN 9780443069468
Author : Geraint Fuller
Copyright : 4ed©2008
Paperback » 256 pages.
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Descriptions :

  • Highly Commended (Neurology category), BMA Awards 2005.
  • Neurological clinical examinations are one of the most intimidating procedures a medical student has to perform. This book sets out to demystify it, and, as is shown by the spectacular success of the previous editions, succeeds admirably. It offers a concise and highly illustrated guide to the clinical examination of the nervous system for medical students and junior doctors.
  • A concise and lucid explanation of how to examine the nervous system.
  • Copiously illustrated with clear line diagrams and flow charts.
  • Instructions are clear and systematic - what to do, what you will find, and what it means.
  • History taking sections are expanded because students often have more problems with this area than anything else.
  • Comments on the evidence base for examination (and the need for more of it) are included.
  • A section at end of book on the neurological examination in an exam setting provides sample cases and how to approach them.

Table of Contents :

  • * History and examination
  • * Speech
  • * Mental state and higher function
  • * Gait
  • * Cranial nerves: general
  • * Cranial nerve 1: olfactory nerve
  • * Cranial nerves: the eye 1 ? pupils, acuity, fields
  • * Cranial nerves: the eye 2 ? fundi
  • * Cranial nerves III, IV, VI: eye movements
  • * Cranial nerves: nystagmus
  • * Cranial nerves V and VII: the face
  • * Cranial nerve VIII: auditory nerve
  • * Cranial nerves IX, X, XII: the mouth
  • * Cranial nerve XI: accessory nerve
  • * Motor system: general
  • * Motor system: tone
  • * Motor system: arms
  • * Motor system: legs
  • * Motor system: reflexes
  • * Motor system: what you find and what it means
  • * Sensation: general
  • * Sensation: what you find and what it means
  • * Co-ordination
  • * Abnormal movements
  • * Special signs
  • * The autonomic nervous system
  • * The unconscious patient
  • * Summary of screening neurological examination
  • * Passing clinical examinations



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